TAWI provides a large number of ergonomic lifting solutions. We are aware of our customers needs and develop standardized and customized products that solve specific problems. Fast, easy and safe!

The result of your search is a selection of our product range consisting of jib cranes, vacuum lifters, hoists, vacuum grippers and electric lifts which are used in different industries.

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    Lifting bales with VacuMove

    Lifting rubber bales in the automotive and pharmaceutical industry.

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    Lifting batteries with VacuMove

    Side lifters are often used when lifting batteries that are small and heavy, a combination that leaves little room for gripping on top.

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    Lifting automotive parts

    The ViperHoist is very suitable for the automotive industry when it comes to speed, high demands regarding lifting equipment and important concerns with high precision positioning.

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    Lifting batteries with pneumatic clamping tool

    Batteries weighing up to 132 lbs are lifted with ViperHoist equipped with pneumatic clamping tool.

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    Protema tire lifter

    The automotive industry uses this application to install and remove tires in the testing stations.

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    Protema lifters with fork tool

    An electric lifter will increase efficiency and profitability. A special fork tool can be used to lift and lower steel goods into surface finishing fluids. A fork tool can also be used to cradle loads or to strap goods and hang the strap over the forks.

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    Protema plastic crates lifter

    A Protema electric crate lifter with fork tool suitable for handling plastic crates commonly used in the automotive, food and other industries.

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